From Pulitzer Prize winner CHRIS HEDGES and American Book Award-winning cartoonist 

JOE SACCO, a searing on-the-ground report of underclass America...

   Chris Hedges

on Tour

New York, NY
6/19/12    92nd Street Y – joint event with Jonathan Haidt, 8:15pm

Washington, D.C.
6/20/12  Busboys and Poets - Talk/Signing, 6:30pm

Philadelphia, PA
6/21/12    Philadelphia Free Library -Talk/Signing, 7:30pm

Portland, OR
6/25/12    Powell’s Books – Talk/Signing with Chris & Joe, 7:30pm

San Francisco/Berkeley, CA
6/26/12    KPFA- Talk/Signing, 7:30pm
6/27/12    City Lights - Talk/Signing, 7:00pm

Seattle, WA
6/29/12    Town Hall - Talk/Signing, 7:30pm
Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt
“The journalist Chris Hedges is a unique force today, because of his fierce independence and candor.  He’s been writing about how politics is a charade aimed at making voters think the personal narrative of the candidate is the story although it never affects the operation of the corporate state.  No matter which candidate wins, the money power in Washington reigns. That nails it, don’t you think?” —Bill Moyers
[Leonard Crow Dog] accuses the white missionaries and teachers in the tribal
schools of carrying out a campaign of religious and linguistic "genocide."... He has
little time for the U.S. government or the mythology of the American West,
heaping scorn on both. He refers to Mount Rushmore as the carved faces of
"George Washington and the rest of his goons."
“An unabashedly polemic, angry manifesto that is certain to open eyes, intensify outrage and incite argument about corporate greed…. Through immersion reportage and graphic narrative, the duo illuminate the human and environmental devastation in those communities, with the warning that no one is immune…. A call for a new American revolution, passionately proclaimed.” —Kirkus
(Starred Review)

Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

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