Deezer and Spotify play music offline on Apple Watch

The streaming services Deezer and Spotify now also allow their content to be downloaded to the Apple Watch for a pure offline experience. The music streaming services Deezer and Spotify have adapted their apps for the Apple Watch and enable their users and customers to listen to their offers even without an Internet connection. The two companies announced this shortly after one another.

With both Deezer and Spotify, the ability to download content to the Apple Watch is limited to customers with subscriptions to the respective provider. According to Deezer: “Our new download mode is quick and easy to use. All you have to do is select a playlist. It can be an existing playlist, a personalized playlist created from the songs you are looking for, or one of yours.” be preferred playlist”. The playlists can be selected via the menu item offline mode in the watch app and then downloaded.

The procedure is also similar with Spotify. Here the albums, playlists or even podcasts must first be searched for using the watch app of the service and can then be downloaded from there using a special menu item. In order not to strain the storage capacity of the Apple Watch too much, downloaded titles from Deezer and Spotify can also be managed.

The offline function of the streaming services can be used with devices from Apple Watch Series 3 and the current WatchOS 6. The supported Apple Watch devices offer 8, 16 or 32 GB of storage space, depending on the hardware generation. Spotify recently announced the implementation of a similar offline function for smartwatches with Google’s Wear OS.

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