Microsoft hacking sim and huge ransomware payment

The biggest change is that purchased licenses are no longer tied to a version, but are valid for a period of three years. The team also provides builds for 64-bit ARM under Linux and Apple Silicon, and the surface is rendered via GPU.

Huge ransomware payment: US insurance company CNA Financial reportedly paid $ 40 million to ransomware blackmailers in March. This would be one of the highest sums ever paid – at least among those that became public knowledge.

Hacking simulator from Microsoft: With Simuland, Microsoft has presented a simulation environment for hacking attacks and defence. Microsoft puts attack scenarios online on Github and calls on the IT security community to contribute more.

Mass Effect flies through No Man’s Sky: Until the end of May 2021, players in No Man’s Sky can permanently add the spaceship, Normandy, from Mass Effect to their fleet. To do this, you have to successfully complete a special challenge within No Man’s Sky – players should know what it’s about. The cheating Normandy promotes the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect.

More vectoring at Telekom: In April, Telekom increased the data transmission rate for 118,000 households. The company announced it on May 21, 2021. Ongoing vectoring and super vectoring projects have mostly been completed. This expansion has actually been completed but is still being completed. In the future, FTTH will be the focus.