Sony wants to finance music sensor via crowdfunding

Sony is taking an unusual approach with the Motion Sonic music sensor: The motion-sensitive control unit is to be financed through Indiegogo. Sony has presented its Motion Sonic music sensor and is looking for supporters for the project via crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Motion Sonic is a wristband that allows musicians to control certain parameters by moving their hands.

Gestures are linked to effects such as echo, reverb, certain filters or pitch changes via an iOS app – Motion Sonic cannot be used with Android devices. The iPhone or iPad must then be connected to the instrument via an audio interface.

Musicians can use the gestures with the various effects while playing their instrument. Sony presents various examples on the campaign page, including a guitar, a keyboard or a DJ setup. The effects sometimes sound better, sometimes less good.

Different attachment options for the sensor

The motion sonic sensor can either be worn on the wrist like a fitness bracelet or with the help of a second attachment on the back of the hand. A comfortable sensor position can be selected individually. The gesture control takes place via a six-axis motion sensor.

As Sony explains, Motion Sonic isn’t finished yet. However, a prototype is available. It is unusual for the Japanese manufacturer to offer the product on Indiegogo and not on its own crowdfunding website First Flight. Sony is hoping for more international attention this way.

The first 400 Motion Sonics cost the equivalent of just under 180 euros, after which the project can be supported with 200 euros. The sensor is scheduled to be shipped in March 2022 – according to the current status, however, only to Japan and the USA. According to Sony, the necessary approvals are still lacking for other countries.

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