Apple is hiding new iOS features from its own people

Apple tries with all means to prevent leaks and has found a new way to do this, which is already being followed in iOS 15. Apple is hiding new iOS 15 features from its own engineers. That may be the reason why, unlike in the past, no screenshots or videos of new functions were announced in advance this year.

As 9to5Mac reports, there are internal changes to iOS 15 that allow Apple to switch off individual functions in builds. The engineers do not find out what else Apple is working on when a new operating system is developed.

The report says that there is a unique identifier for every new feature introduced this year. This allows features to be activated or deactivated in the build process.

In order to be able to install such a version of iOS, a certificate is also required, which must first be installed on the device. The process has been known at Betas for developers and public testers for years. In the internal development process, each profile that is sent to employees determines which of these functions are activated. The extent to which Apple is already using individual builds for other operating systems is not clear from the report.

Apple presented iOS 15 at WWDC 2021. The developer version of iOS 15 is available now. The public beta test is scheduled to start in July 2021.