The focus of our writers is to work hard and make these articles accessible to all the common readers, they try to get rid of all the jargon that you usually find in tech articles. So you can directly dive deep into our articles and come out of it with just the right amount of information. 

Madison Ramirez – Founder 

In the early years of the company, Madison Ramirez was running all the departments herself. Perseus Promos became a labour of love. Nevertheless, the platform soon picked up and the number of users increased exponentially.

Her hard work as the founder paid off and recognition in the form of awards and interviews started pouring in from various corners of the world. 

Madison has since taken up to overlooking the overall functioning of the website and spearheads the future plans for it. Unlike other entrepreneurs, she does not work on multiple startups and puts all her energy into Perseus Promos only to make it as rich and powerful as possible. 

The day to day operations are now mainly overlooked by the writing department which plays a crucial role at the company. 

Daniel King – Writer

Daniel King is the name when it comes to the biggest nerd in the science world today. His sense of future and tech has been uncannily accurate to date. He was a senior writer for the Oxford College Tech Roundup and has been associated with this field for six years. 

Daniel holds the position of Chief Writer at Perseus Promos. He began working with the company in its early days and has remained with the platform ever since. Despite some very lucrative offers coming his way he never considered switching as his current position allows him the kind of freehand at the creativity that no other position at a bigger company would allow him.

Daniel feels that he is free to do a lot of things, experiment a lot, and has the founders full support at this company. Overall the landscape for content writing has changed drastically in the last decade, and Daniel has been observing it right through his university days.

He is keen on leading the next revolution in content writing in the Web 3.0 world and has prepared a special team for it.