Apple is planning improvements to all of its own operating systems

Next week Apple plans to introduce a number of new features for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and WatchOS, some of which are already known. Even before Apple will show innovations for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and WatchOS at its WWDC developer conference, Bloomberg has already learned a few details. WWDC starts on the evening of June 7, 2021, and it is expected that many innovations for Apple’s operating systems will be shown at the opening event.

Business Standard claims that it has already experienced some new functions that are to be integrated into the respective operating systems. With iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, it should be possible to set a certain status that affects the way in which the operating system is notified.

This includes settings for driving, working or sleeping. You can also specify if someone does not want to be disturbed. Depending on the setting selected, notifications from apps should then behave differently. In addition, certain messages should be able to be answered automatically and the design of notifications should be changed.

Many improvements planned for iPadOS

Above all, Apple wants to make iPadOS better for productive use and is bringing an improved multitasking system with which several apps can be operated better at the same time. In addition, as is usual with iOS, it should be possible to place widgets on the start screen as desired. Android devices have offered these functions from the start, and it took Apple a long time to integrate such a feature into iOS.

In addition, Apple wants to take action against apps that collect too much data. In the course of this, there will in future be the option of displaying which data a certain app is collecting. With iOS 14.5, Apple introduced better protection against tracking by apps, especially companies with their own advertising networks such as Facebook are bothered by such a procedure.

New functions planned for Apple Watch and Apple TV

The Apple Watch should also receive some major changes. The new version of WatchOS is to receive an improved user interface and new or improved health functions. A new version is also to be presented for the tvOS of Apple TV – Bloomberg does not mention what new functions there will be. Apple is currently in the process of bringing a new generation of the Apple TV 4K onto the market.

No major changes are planned for MacOS, there will only be minor optimizations, Bloomberg expects.