Apple is to plan future iPads with OLED displays

Apple plans to replace the LC displays of its iPads with OLED panels from 2022 – at least that’s what industry sources report. There are rumors from industry circles that Apple wants to use OLED displays for its iPads from 2022. This is reported by the South Korean website ETNews, which usually has good connections with the supplier community.

Accordingly, display manufacturers should expect to provide smaller and medium-sized panels for Apple. This indicates that Apple could use OLED displays in its normal iPads, the iPad Mini, the iPad Air but also the smaller iPad Pro in the future.

Apparently, OLED panels should not be used in the large iPad models. That would coincide with the fact that Apple has just introduced the iPad Pro 12.9 with a mini LED display. This is an LC display, but it has far more lighting zones and thus achieves better contrast and better black.

LG and Samsung are to deliver OLED displays

According to ETNews, LG and Samsung are to deliver the OLED display for the upcoming iPad tablets. The two South Korean manufacturers are already producing the panels for Apple’s iPhone models, which come with an OLED screen.

Apple’s demand for more OLED panels should increase investment in the industry, according to ETNews. If more displays are in demand, the production capacities would also be expanded.

There is no official confirmation of the rumors from Apple. However, the switch to OLED panels in its iPhones in the past suggests that Apple is also interested in changing display technologies for its tablets. The question of to what extent Apple will decide between OLED and mini-LED panels in the future should be interesting.

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