Apple mentions previously unknown HomeOS

Shortly before its developer fair WWDC, Apple speaks in a job advertisement about HomeOS – possibly a new operating system. Apple named a new operating system in a job advertisement looking for developers. In the text, the company mentions the HomeOS operating system, which Apple has not yet launched on the market.

A user posted a screenshot of the job posting on Twitter, which was later changed. HomeOS was simply made Homepod. So far, the software for Apple’s smart speakers has no name of its own – HomeOS could be an indication that Apple is planning changes at this point. The operating system of the Homepods, like that of the Apple TVs, is a modification of iOS.

It is conceivable that Apple wants to intensify its efforts towards a connected home. Bloomberg recently reported on plans that Apple allegedly has. For example, a soundbar is in the works that will combine the technology of the Homepods with that of an Apple TV. It is conceivable that HomeOS could be used for such a project.

Is it just an internal name?

Ars Technica also notes a second explanation for the term HomeOS: It is conceivable that the term is used internally for the operating system of the Homepods and was simply used inadvertently in the job description. However, it cannot be ruled out that it is actually new software with a new approach.

The upcoming WWDC could provide clarity: Apple could present HomeOS at its developer conference if it really should be a new concept. The conference starts on June 7th, 2021 and will take place exclusively online this year.

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