End of support for Windows 10

An end date for Windows 10 has appeared on Microsoft’s product lifecycle page. With a new entry on the page for the life cycle of Windows 10, Microsoft has announced its end of support. Accordingly, support for Windows 10 Home and Pro will end on October 14, 2025. The exact wording also states that up to this date, at least a six-monthly update should be guaranteed.

After the latest rumors about a new Windows version were still unclear whether this would be a completely independent operating system or a visual update for Windows 10, a completely new version has now become more likely.

Since two separate versions, Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley, were already mentioned in the notes on a new Windows, the announced end of support confirms the suspicion that an operating system that is independent of Windows 10 is being developed.

Announcement expected on June 24th

However, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will not just change the naming of new content updates for Windows 10. The original Windows-as-a-Service idea would thus be retained and Windows 10 would be further improved. However, since new Windows versions in the past were at least partially based on their predecessors, only Microsoft will be able to give a clear answer to this question.

An announcement of the plans is expected by Microsoft for 24 June 2021st On this day “the future of Windows” will be presented and what the manufacturer has been working on so far. It would be conceivable, for example, that elements taken over from the discontinued Windows 10X lead to a somewhat more radical redesign of Windows 10 or a new look to Windows Sun Valley.

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