Facebook’s smartwatch is said to have two cameras

The main camera of Facebook SmartWatch is to be built on the back of the removable display. Facebook’s planned smartwatch is said to have a removable display and two cameras installed. The engadget reports, citing people familiar with the project. The main camera should therefore be on the back of the removable display.

The main camera should be able to record videos in full HD resolution and have autofocus. Users should use it to record content like a smartphone after they have removed the display from the stainless steel frame of the smartwatch.

Facebook should be in contact with other companies in order to build up a kind of ecosystem for the removed display with the camera. The Verge cites a bracket as an example for attaching the display camera module to a backpack.

Smartwatch is supposed to offer fitness and health functions

It has been suspected that Facebook is planning a smartwatch since the beginning of 2021. The details mentioned at the time include fitness and health functions – it was not yet known that the watch would have a removable display with cameras.

Facebook is said to be in contact with network providers in order to enable the smartwatch to have an LTE connection. Then users would be directly connected to their account via the watch. The direct connection of the smartwatch to its network would be a way for Facebook to bypass tracking restrictions and privacy protection measures from Apple and Google.

According to people familiar with the project, Facebook should want to launch the smartwatch in summer 2022. The company is hoping for sales in the low six-digit range, which would be very little in view of the competition from Apple. According to market analyzes, Apple sold around 34 million Apple Watches in 2020.

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