Ford F-150 Lightning is said to be a moving energy source

The fully electric Ford F-150 Lightning is supposed to drive up to 480 km and supply the house with electricity in an emergency.

With the F-150 Lightning, Ford has introduced the electric version of its best-selling vehicle – a pick-up truck. The e-vehicle should have an output of up to 420 kW and a torque of 775 Newton meters. If necessary, it supplies a house with electricity with its battery. On the go, it can serve as a mobile source of energy for electrical tools.

The range of the vehicle is 370 or 480 km (EPA) depending on the model. Charging is done with up to 150 kW, from 15 to 80 percent the whole thing takes a good 40 minutes. Ford has not yet given precise details on the battery capacity; it is estimated at 170 to 180 kWh for the larger model and around 140 kWh for the smaller battery model.

The Ford is to be equipped with BlueCruise, the manufacturer’s assistance system that corresponds to autonomy level 2. The 4×4 vehicle is powered by two electric motors. It has an aluminum alloy body and independent suspension on the rear axle.

The payload is a good 900 kg, the trailer load is up to 4.5 tons. The payload can be weighed using the vehicle’s sensors. In addition, the range is calculated depending on the load. The Pro Trailer Hitch Assist automatically controls the steering, accelerator and brake inputs to make it easier to couple trailers.

How big is the touchscreen in the Ford F-150 Lightning?

Ford installs its Sync 4A infotainment system in the higher-quality equipment of the F-150 Lightning and uses a 15.5-inch touchscreen for this. The system supports voice control, internet-based navigation and Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa and Ford’s own Sync Applink apps.

What can the F-150 Lightning charge?

The F-150 Lightning can also be used as a mobile backup power source that delivers 9.6 kilowatts. A house management system installed by Ford is offered for this purpose, which automatically uses the F-150 Lightning to supply the house with electricity. As soon as the power supply is restored, the pick-up automatically switches over to charging. Depending on the battery, a house with an average consumption of 30 kWh per day should supply electricity for up to three days.

In the future, Ford wants to offer the Intelligent Power function and always supply the house with electricity when it is expensive on the network, and use cheap night tariffs to recharge the battery. In addition, Ford is cooperating with a photovoltaic company to create an off-grid charging option.

The Ford is equipped with built-in sockets so that tools, electronics and other devices can be connected on the go. The basic version offers 2.4 kilowatts of power, and more is available at an additional cost.

A second trunk with a volume of 400 liters is located under the bonnet. The room is waterproof. It has four sockets and two USB charging ports.

What should the Ford F-150 Lightning cost?

The F-150 Lightning will be built in the USA from the end of 2021. The entry-level model is set to cost $ 39,974 pre-tax with no subsidies and is due to appear in late 2022. The better-equipped models start at $ 52,974 and will be available later this year.

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