MacOS Monterey denies Intel Macs important functions

With MacOS Monterey, Apple has presented a new operating system that for the first time withholds functions from Mac owners with Intel CPUs. Apple presented MacOS Monterey with numerous new functions at its developer conference WWDC 2021 . In retrospect, according to a report by hitechglitz, it turns out that Mac users with Intel processors do not benefit to the same extent as those who already use a Mac with Apple Silicon.

Among other things, the portrait mode at Facetime is affected. The background is blurred. In addition, the live text does not work in the Photos app. Users cannot mark, copy, look up, or translate tests recognized by OCR. The OCR function is not only available in the Photos app in MacOS Monterey, but also in the preview and in the Safari browser.

Siri will not be able to use the neural language generation for Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish on Intel Macs, which provides a much better voice quality. The offline speech recognition will only be possible under MacOS Monterey with M1-Mac in any length without timeout. It is not yet known whether Apple will not offer any offline speech recognition on Intel Macs.

The globe in the MacOS map app is displayed on M1 Macs and the new, detailed 3D city views with landmarks, streets and buildings are also not available for Intel Macs. The height differences are also not shown. Intel Macs will also lack 3D object detection, with which a photorealistic 3D object can be generated from a series of 2D images.

Apple is already making the first beta for MacOS Monterey available to developers; the first version will be available for public beta testers in July 2021. As usual, the official release will take place in autumn.

MacOS Monterey runs on many Macs, but unlike the current version MacOS Big Sur, not on all devices that are currently supported. Support for some older Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and iMac models from 2013 and 2014 has been discontinued.