Microsoft unveils “the future of Windows” on June 24th

In a live stream, Microsoft will show the new Windows that has been worked on for a long time. The event is open to everyone. Microsoft will host an event on June 24, 2021, at 5 p.m. (11 a.m. Eastern time). The “future of Windows”, as announced by CEO Satya Nadella at Build 2021, will be presented there. In addition to media representatives and analysts, people who are generally interested are also invited. There will also be a public live stream in English, which Microsoft will activate on a dedicated website at the given time. A calendar entry can also be set up there.

In addition to CEO Satya Nadella, Chief Product Officer Panos Panay will also be present at the event. In the past he usually introduced new products in the Surface category, but was also directly involved in working on Windows 10X and dual-screen devices. Possibly he will reveal something about the new Windows design on the hardware side. The fact that there are new Surface devices to be seen there is, if so, more marginal and conceivable as a teaser. Microsoft, like many other companies, likes to present hardware in individual and tailored events.

At Build 2021, Nadella didn’t say much about the future of Windows. He’s probably already using the new version himself and testing the user experience. It will most likely be the Sun Valley update. This will bring a revised GUI, new icons and a more uniform Windows 10. Features that have remained from previous Windows generations are continuously removed.

The remnants of Windows 10X?

Microsoft had shown the first signs of this redesign in Windows Insider Builds with new icons and windows with rounded corners. Various office applications are being redesigned and the Microsoft Store is to become more open and also more profitable for providers.

After Microsoft effectively discontinued Windows 10X, some elements from this operating system could also flow into the new design. With a completely different start menu and an operating concept based on touchscreens, however, the OS differed radically from the familiar Windows 10. It remains to be seen how the final new Windows 10 ultimately developed.