Mophie makes almost all iPhones Magsafe compatible

Accessory manufacturer Mophie has presented an adapter for numerous iPhone models. So old iPhones can be used with Magsafe accessories. Mophie has presented a Magsafe adapter system for old iPhones as well as for Android devices. 

The Magsafe magnetic holder actually only works with the iPhone 12 models, but the case contains a ring-shaped magnetic sticker that allows the practical accessories for the Magsafe system to be used with older smartphones. The adapter costs around $ 20.

In addition, Mophie has presented numerous Magsafe devices, such as several stands, a battery that charges the smartphone or a holder for the ventilation slots of the car.

Interesting is the Snap + Powerstation Stand, which has a battery with 10,000 mAh capacity and a USB-C connection and, thanks to a tripod thread connection, can also be used for film work where the smartphone battery is supported by the power bank.

However, there is one major disadvantage: the older iPhones can only be charged inductively with 7.5 watts, if at all, only the models from iPhone 12 onwards can be charged with 15 watts. Mophie has categorized its devices in plus versions with up to 15 watts of charging power and those without plus that can only charge with 7.5 watts.

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