Mozilla Firefox is visually revised and polished

In the summer of 2021, the Firefox browser should offer a revised GUI. The Mozilla team is mainly making changes to the menu bar. The Mozilla team has shown the first pictures of the new Firefox browser. The program is supposed to evolve visually and sorts various elements to other places. 

The browser should look more modern and tidy overall. The redesign is planned for June 1, 2021 and was created with the help of usage behavior of the user base. Using heat maps, the Mozilla team was able to determine which elements are used particularly frequently. Based on this knowledge, design changes were made.

In the few pictures shown, a visually revised header can be seen. Tab headers are shown with rounded corners. This also applies, if the preview looks final, to the main window itself – at least under MacOS. The browser visually approaches competing products such as Edge and Chrome.

It also seems as if some elements such as the favorites star known from Chrome and Edge and the bookmarks list have been moved to the URL bar. So far this is completely empty in Firefox and favorites are added via the separate bookmark menu with several clicks.

Integrated pocket

The Pocket reader application seems to be becoming an integral part of the Firefox design. The app can be called up in the new browser directly via a dedicated icon in the header. With Pocket, websites can be saved offline for later reading and some can also be tagged. Mozilla took over the app’s development team in 2017.

The menu bar on the right has also been revised. Frequently used items such as buttons for creating new tabs and windows have been moved up. Other items such as the protection dashboard or quick access to web developer tools have been removed.

The new Firefox browser is to appear on all supported platforms from June 1, 2021: These include desktop operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux. The browser is also available for Android and iOS.