Popemobile goes electric and comes from Fisker

The automaker Fisker will build a new Popemobile for the Pope. It is the Fisker Ocean with a special structure. The Fisker Ocean will be the new popemobile. This was announced by the startup. The electric car will be built in a modified version for the Holy See and delivered at the end of 2022.

Company founders Henrik Fisker and Geeta Gupta-Fisker presented the design vision of a fully electric popemobile at a private audience with Pope Francis. “I was inspired when I read that Pope Francis is very concerned about the environment and the impact of climate change on future generations,” said Henrik Fisker. 

“The interior of the Fisker Ocean Papsttransport will contain a variety of sustainable materials, including carpets made from recycled plastic bottles from the sea.”

An all-glass dome is installed in the car, as was also used on earlier vehicles. So people can see the Pope, at the same time it is a safety device that is used in Pope’s vehicles after the attack on the previous Pope. The cabin roof of the vehicle presented by Fisker is covered with solar cells.

The Fisker Ocean has a battery with a storage capacity of around 80-kilowatt hours, which should be enough for around 480 kilometres. The battery is not only charged at the charging station or socket: the roof of the Ocean is covered with solar cells that feed electricity into the battery. The cells should generate electricity for a range of up to 1,600 kilometres per year. The Fisker Ocean is said to cost 32,000 euros in Germany after subsidies. The start of production is planned for November 17, 2022.

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