Scheuer makes Starlink funding official

In addition to 500 euros for the technical equipment of satellite internet – such as Starlink – directional radio is also subsidized. Here, however, a maximum of 10,000 euros. In remote regions, owners will in future be able to take advantage of the “digitization subsidy for an alternative non-wired Internet connection – via satellite or radio relay”. This was announced by the Federal Ministry of Transport on June 1, 2021. 

The subsidy should be either a flat rate of 500 euros, for example for satellite technology, or 90% The program is currently being coordinated with the federal states. The subsidy is granted as a supplement to the gray spots subsidy if the fiber optic connection of hard-to-reach properties exceeds the eligible costs and a personal contribution is required of the expenditure for the purchase and installation of the technical equipment, but a maximum of 10,000 euros – for example for radio links.

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) stated: 

“Of course we are continuing to drive the expansion of our fiber-optic infrastructure with great enthusiasm. But there are houses in very remote or peripheral areas that still have extremely slow internet today this has a particularly negative effect. That is why I would like to set up a voucher program with which the households concerned receive a short-term perspective for a reasonable Internet supply.

Spacex’s Starlink is receiving support from the federal government in this context. According to information from the Handelsblatt, the company will provide households in rural areas with vouchers for satellite internet. The program will start in a few weeks. “The expenses for the purchase of the technical equipment and installation are to be subsidized,” said the Federal Ministry. Scheuer had previously spoken of 200,000 households that could be funded.