VW is building an electric Golf GTI successor – as a concept

The VW boss had fun with the electric car. Nevertheless, the ID.X should remain a unique piece. The ID.4 GTX is the first electric performance model from Volkswagen (VW). But as an SUV, the car is not the legitimate successor to the Golf GTI. However, there shouldn’t be a performance model of the ID.3. A VW team couldn’t help but build a prototype.

ID.X is what the developers called their vehicle. It is based on the ID.3, which VW wants to position as the electric successor to the successful Beetle and Golf models – and has been pimped up in GTX fashion.

The vehicle has a 245 kilowatt (kW) drive – the ID.3 is regularly available with 107 kW, 110 kW or 150 kW. In addition, the regular battery with a capacity of 62-kilowatt hours (kWh) has been replaced by one with 82 kWh, writes VW boss Ralf Brandstätter in a post on LinkedIn.

The ID.X is lighter than the regular ID.3

“I was just able to test this prototype – and I’m thrilled. From 0 to 100 in 5.3 seconds, 200 kilos lighter than its ID. Siblings, interior and exterior an absolute design highlight – and fun not too much in drift mode top”, writes Brandstätter. 

“I have often spoken of how versatile our MEB is. The ID.X makes that particularly clear.”

GTX is the electric performance series from VW – in the tradition of GTI for cars with gasoline engines, GTD for diesel and GTE for hybrid vehicles. The first GTX is the ID.4 GTX.

The performance model “is very popular,” writes Brandstätter. “Also with our engineers – because with him they discovered the fun of developing high-performance electric cars. And so we just let them do it.”

However, the ID.X will “not be a series vehicle” , emphasizes the VW boss, but adds: “We will take up a lot of ideas.”